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It will be no surprise to read that all these peculiar looking photographs are of computer parts. But most of us havent the remotest idea what these items are called and even less of an idea what they do or how they do it. The names of computer components include adapter, AUIs, auxiliary device, bus mouse, buffer, cable modem, chip, central processing unit, disk drive, graphic card, hard drive, hub, motherboard, printed circuit board, router, serial port, flash drive and even ZIF socket. 
Collectively all these bits and pieces are called computer hardware; the actual physical components of a computer. 
A chip for example is a small piece of semiconductor (usually silicon) on which an integrated circuit is embedded. Computers have many of them placed on an electronic board called a printed circuit board. 
A hard drive, or hard disk, is a magnetic disk for storing computer data.
A motherboard, or mobo in computer jargon, is the central or main circuit board which makes up an electronic system such as a computer, and houses all chips required to control such things as the monitor, keyboard, etc. 
The list is almost endless and surfing the web will find them all with respective explanations. However, electronics is so complex that most of us will remain just as clueless in the end.
Perhaps one of the strangest of terms is vampire tap. Actually its not as sinister as it sounds. It helps administrators make connections without interrupting communications. A bit like sinking teeth into a data-carrying cable!

computer-8mj4.jpg (1563421 Byte) personal computer picture
computer-a6b7.jpg (1330849 Byte)
computer-ay2s.jpg (1415037 Byte)
computer-0c6.jpg (1209110 Byte)
computer-301.jpg (1356370 Byte)
computer-302.jpg (1103965 Byte)
computer-304.jpg (1286264 Byte)
computer-312.jpg (1329282 Byte)
computer-305.jpg (1332087 Byte)
computer-306.jpg (1405634 Byte)
computer-307.jpg (1680823 Byte)
computer-308.jpg (1553369 Byte)
computer-309.jpg (1924439 Byte)
computer-310.jpg (1524934 Byte) chip
computer-311.jpg (1268531 Byte)
computer-303.jpg (1199743 Byte)
computer-313.jpg (1566577 Byte)
computer-314.jpg (1398619 Byte)
computer-315.jpg (1521336 Byte)
computer-316.jpg (1618743 Byte)
computer-317.jpg (1643929 Byte)
computer-318.jpg (1693305 Byte) chip
computer-401.jpg (1298455 Byte) hard disk drive
computer-402.jpg (1200194 Byte) hard disk actuator arm
computer-c304.jpg (1394793 Byte)
computer-l82.jpg (1440511 Byte)
computer-nti3.jpg (1354513 Byte)
computer-kix8.jpg (1669331 Byte) on button
computer-k9li.jpg (1207029 Byte) mouse laptop
computer-l8i1.jpg (1299382 Byte)
computer-j8ic.jpg (1413441 Byte) escape keyboard
computer-f4n7.jpg (1456700 Byte) ctrl keyboard
computer-1l2n.jpg (1617073 Byte) enter keyboard
computer-3oq8.jpg (1331732 Byte)
computer-6niq.jpg (1626930 Byte)
computer-7ul8.jpg (1181456 Byte)
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