The Flyboard Phenomenon
The challenge of providing enough of an adrenaline rush, and another extreme sport for people to enjoy has yet again been proven to be possible through the invention of the current spectacle of the Flyboard. It was back in 2011 that Franky Zapata, a French watercraft rider, was able to formulate the now famed Flyboard. He went through several different trial products until he finally came up with the best model that is currently seen around the world, with about 2,500 in circulation.

The Flyboard and What it Does
As Zapata’s imagination ran free, seeking more thrills for adrenaline junkies like him, the concept of building a machine that would propel a person out of the water and into the air came to him. And he fulfilled his proposition: this amazing feat was achieved thanks to some amazing ideas. He was able to create prototypes of his best ideas, and in this way Zapata was able to realize and observe that his dream gadget could be built by employing two important factors: propulsion under the feet and stabilization from the hands. Setting up the Flyboard is simple these days, especially since a stable and safe version has been created, thanks to the French Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle allowing the patenting of Zapata’s creation. A Flyboard is made up of a personal watercraft that is attached to a water pack, a board, a large hose and a pair of boots with jet nozzles – this set up is what is securely attached to the rider and is responsible for the propulsion from the water.

Techniques Important to Flyboarding
For a lot of individuals who enjoy watersports and an additional thrill, flyboarding is an excellent new hobby that can fulfill all of the excitement, adventure and everything else in between. Of course, like other sports and recreational activities, the instructions have to be followed step by step in order to learn properly and eventually be able to master the technique of staying held up in the air as you leave the water.
Proper consideration should be given for the safety of the rider when using the Flyboard. That is why most of the protective gear that is found on a wakeboarder and other watersport athletes is also expected to be used by a flyboarder: helmet, floatation device, and binders when finally attached to the Flyboard. The most important aspect that helps in propelling this unique water device is the throttle. Before becoming fully in control of the entire Flyboard kit, the option of having another individual assist in the throttle adjustments is recommended.

Flyboarding as a Sport
Those who have succumbed to the passion of being a flyboarder are said to need an initial investment of roughly 5,840 USD, or between 150 and 250 USD for unit rentals, which says a lot about the amount and standard of the technology and materials required for the creation of a Flyboard. Aside from owning this awesome gadget, it is also important to invest in flyboarding courses and really learn the ropes about this extreme sport. Many enthusiasts will eventually be able to improve on their skills and become more confident to use the different techniques in different combinations, and may eventually increase the degree of difficulty.
What is amazing about flyboarding is that it welcomes all who are ready and willing to learn and understand the entire mechanics of this watersport. The sport has in fact become such a worldwide phenomenon that there have already been international competitions: participants from France, Sweden, Thailand and USA joined the Flyboard World Championships of 2012 and 2013, which were held in Doha, Qatar.
Around the world the sport of flyboarding has become a popular tourist activity, especially for those who love being in the water and getting that extra jolt of excitement from the rush of the wind and the refreshing water. A truly phenomenal invention and another thrilling opportunity to showcase man’s love for all things that defy gravity and the elements, the Flyboard is another unique take on the chance to soar high up in the air with speed to match.

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