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Since ancient times, jewelry has been worn as an object of adornment or a status symbol in many cultures across the world. To date, jewelry values and designs have evolved, with Asia having the biggest influence.Different cultures have different jewelry for members of each gender. On a general scale, women use more jewelry than men do. Middle-aged women are however considered to be the most consistent users of jewelry.
Materials used to make jewelry.
The most common materials used to make jewelry are metals and gemstones. A gemstone is a crystal material that is honed and used with others to create adornments. Precious metals like gold, silver, diamond and platinum are sources of adornments. However, plant matter and all kinds of shells are also used in certain cases. Jewels are worn around the neck, in the ears, tongue, navel and heel in some cultures.

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Types of jewels
Classifications of jewelry according to parts of the body people adorn them:
1. Legs and feet

Anklets, toe rings and barefoot sandals.
2. Torso
Piercing jewelry (for navel, tongue and ears), breastplates, belly chains, brooches and chatelaines.
3. Hands

Hands are the most common part of the body for jewelry across all cultures of the world. Jewelry types for the hands include wedding rings, slave bracelets, purity rings, engagement rings, class rings and promise rings.
4. Arms
Bangles, armlets, bracelets and cuff links.
5. Neck
Chokers and necklaces.
In addition, there are also other types of jewelry used to adorn the human hair. They include hair rings and other accessories.
How to wear jewelry
Some people wear jewelry as fashion statements, others consider it to be another item of clothing. Yet others wear these adornments as a symbol of social status in many traditional cultures, jewelry was worn as a symbol of rank in clans and centralized units of social existence. The following are some of the main points in how to wear jewelry.
- Sparkling jewelry should be worn alongside clothes with a shade of blue to create contrast.
- Bold jewelry needs bold clothing patterns to match.
- Statement jewelry needs simple outfits to create contrast.
- Glam jewelry go well with casual wear
- Mixing different types of jewelry can create an impressive look.

Jewelry has been around for as long as humankind himself has. Over the years, jewelry designs and trends have evolved alongside man. Finely cut pieces of jewelry are a common sight in shops worldwide. Today’s jewelry costs anything from a couple of hundred dollars to million.