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Geysir Strokkur
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Landscape photography is a genre meant to capture the beauty of the natural world, an objective that people have striven for since the earliest days of photography. Very few have truly succeeded. Most landscape photographers endeavour to show as little human activity as possible in their photos, ideally none at all. The subjects are landforms, weather, and light. The greatest mistake made in landscape photography is trying to "get it all in". The result is that the eye flits across the photograph and becomes a little confused.

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The hardest thing in landscape photography is to create a composition with a true focal point. The question is not how do I get it all in? but what can I leave out?. Landscapes are most often created with a wide angle lens. Small apertures (f/11 to f/32) are used to maximize depth of field. Many photographers use medium or large format systems to record as much detail as possible. But not only are the choices of camera and lenses of importance, but also filters. For example to tone down an over-bright sky or to enhance colour. These days however, the vast majority of landscapes are shot with digital SLRs and compact cameras. Processing is no longer done in the darkroom but on a computer with image-editing software. Multiple shots are merged so that sky, sea and land are all perfectly exposed and shown at their beautiful best. High-dynamic range (HDR) imaging allows a greater dynamic range between the brightest and darkest areas in a photograph and represents the lighting levels in a scene more accurately. Unfortunately this is often overdone - to the extent of making a photograph look surreal.
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landscape-004.jpg (1652802 Byte) landscape, meadow, picture landscape-005.jpg (1420603 Byte) tree on top of hill, near Menzingen, Switzerland, picture landscape-007.jpg (1336523 Byte) field, forest, blue sky, white clouds, picture landscape-008.jpg (1988778 Byte) yellow field, blue sky, clouds, oil seed, raps, picture
landscape-05.jpg (1631736 Byte) valley of fire, USA, picture landscape-06.jpg (1595087 Byte) red canyon, near Las Vegas, picture landscape-07.jpg (1432245 Byte) Pacific coast, California, picture landscape-08.jpg (1693944 Byte) SW USA, picture
landscape-09.jpg (1588261 Byte) photo snow landscape, Hausen am Albis, Switzerland landscape-10.jpg (1669942 Byte) Pag, Adriatic sea landscape-mountains-i8u.jpg (1525664 Byte) Klausenpass, Switzerland, picture lake-nvg.jpg (1217936 Byte) picture water
landscape-8iz7.jpg (1647397 Byte) swiss alps landscape-n7s.jpg (1345338 Byte) Lenzerheide landscape-3e4w.jpg (1413373 Byte) landscape-z2n7.jpg (1378603 Byte)
from-rigi-alps.jpg (1524808 Byte) picture swiss alps furka-pass-7z6.jpg (1664923 Byte) swiss alps in winter landscape-usa-i89.jpg (1644334 Byte) landscape-7x2.jpg (1786525 Byte)
mountains-i3e5.jpg (1223131 Byte) Saentis, Switzerland mountains-m7u6.jpg (1309792 Byte) Alpstein lake-ok8.jpg (1086740 Byte) Seealpsee, Switzerland landscape-j45l.jpg (1741768 Byte) Island Krk, Croatia
landscape-7d2q.jpg (1431832 Byte) Tuerlersee, Switzerland landscape-z38w.jpg (1749282 Byte) landscape-7cv3.jpg (1226421 Byte) lake Lucerne, swiss alps lake free pictures
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