Leaves as a subject for photography may at first seem very dull. However, an in-depth look reveals that just one leaf has a great deal of photogenic potential. Leaves have incredibly interesting and widely varied structures, which can provide amazing pictures if taken in close-up. The almost endless array of colours and shades also offers the photographer a wide range of creative opportunities. Add to this some dramatic lighting, and photos of leaves can be amazingly eye-catching. And it’s also well worth experimenting with black and white to accentuate shapes and textures.
Photographing leaves
Photographing leaves is relatively easy. For example, sticky tape a leaf on a window so that the sun shines through it. Use a macro or wide angle lens to focus on a specific section of the leaf to create an interesting pattern with the veins, perhaps arranging diagonal lines or triangles into an abstract photo. Another trick to add that extra touch is to spray the leaf with water. Use an aperture of around F8 so that you get the entire leaf in focus and if necessary use a tripod to ensure a sharp photograph. You may find a tripod cumbersome when trying to experiment with the angle and composition but it’s well worth the effort to get a really sharp shot.

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