Lotus Flower Pictures

A Lotus flower has been for many years been known as the jewel of the garden, this is because it blossoms into colorful lotus flower pictures especially during the months of summer. For many years this flower has been regarded as sacred by the Hindus and Buddhists, most Buddhists say that the flower is symbolically equal to Buddha. As a result of its pure outlook, in India the flower acts as a symbol for beauty , wealth, grace, fertility, serenity and knowledge. The pink lotus is the national flower for India. Normally a lotus flower exists in white and pink colors of which both are warm colors. The lotus flower grows in murky and shallow waters and does well under sunlight, this is the reason why you do not normally see them during winter. They are mostly found in the continents of Asia and Africa but you can grow them in your country provided you have the basics of growing and taking care of them. if you are looking forward to improving your knowledge on this flower then this is the right article for you.

Steps To Taking Care Of The Lotus Flower

Placement of the pot
The first thing you should know about taking care of a lotus flower is where to place the pot. you should not plant your lotus flower into a earth bottomed pond directly. this is because the growth of the flower is going to choke out all the space on the water surface. To avoid the space being choked you should plant your flower in a round pot that has holes for draining.The most commonly used pot is the Tupperware. You are supposed to get.a location where the pot can easily get access to sunlight and heat, the temperature should be about 70 degrees and beyond for better results. you should also place the pot deep enough such that 2″ to 3″ of the water covers the pot’s top, this is to ensure that it stays away from fast moving waters

Process of fertilization

Another thing you should know is that for a lotus to successfully produce flowers it needs good amount of fertilizer. however you should not fertilize in April and May since they are early spring months and by them the flower will be waiting for summer to grow. You should carry out the first fertilization in June but with half of the stated quantity of fertilizer. Then during the following months of July going all the way to September which are usually the peak months of summer,apply the whole dose that was recommended. After fertilizing it, later in October, the lotus needs to get prepared for the winter season, The most commonly used methods of applying fertilizer is by buying a unique fertilizing tablet.

The process of removal
It is important to know that, as the flower starts to get ready for winter, its leaves starts changing to yellow, then brown and eventually die. It is advisable to let them naturally fall off before you clean the pond. if you remove it on your own, you will be leaving Doing a tuber exposed. When you leave the tuber open things like water as well as several destruction might get in and choke eventually it.
However if the leaves becomes very untidy and unsightly for you, you should not just remove them instead you can Pinch off the leaf and bend the stem over and wrap it using a rubber band. On the other hand if you could wait for the leaves to drop on their own and clean them from the ground, you will be increasing the chances of the flower to grow in a healthy way.


Taking care of a lotus plant is very easy but can be hard if you do not follow or miss any step. This flower does not need too much attention, just take care of the basics and you will be good to go You should also protect your flower from insects, you can use diatomaceous earth powder for insects like spider mites, white fly and aphids, you can use Dipel or a similar brand for pests like China mark moth, which are the biggest contributors taking huge chunks of the leaves that are floating. In some communities, most parts of the lotus flower can be eaten, these parts include the seed, tuber stem and the leaves. See our gallery of Lotus Flower Pictures

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