Yellow flowers Meaning

Yellow flowers meaning, this article will discuss a number of popular yellow flowers that you can easily find in your nearest flower store, general meanings associated to them as well as suitable persons to send them to.

Yellow Sun flowers
These are seasonal flowers mainly found during spring seasons. They are known for their bright star like appearance. They represent good luck and happiness in most cultural backgrounds. As such they are the perfect choice to express non romantic love to friends, acquaintances or even family members.

Yellow roses
Roses are presumably the most known flowers today. Yellow rose primarily signify friendship, joy and good health. They are can be perfectly used to express affection to our loved ones.

Yellow ranunculus flowers
Do you have that person that you are highly attracted to and would like to pass that message to them in a cool unique way? Yellow ranunculus are the perfect choice for such occasions. In most cultural backgrounds, these flowers convey charming messages.

Yellow flowers meaning of hibiscus
These are tropical flowers mostly found during summer seasons. Yellow tulip represent happiness as well as positive. They can perfectly fit diverse occasions and as such can be send to friends, family as well as work mates.

Yellow hyacinth
These flowers are characterized by their pleasant unique scent. They symbolize jealousy in most cultural backgrounds. You can therefore send them to persons whom success you envy in a good way. Be it family members, friends or work colleagues.

Yellow carnation flowers
Not all yellow flowers signify good or seemingly positive feelings towards the subject recipients. Some of them signify negative messages. A good example of such yellow flowers would be the yellow carnation flower. These flowers represent rejection as well as disappointment. As such you can send them to various classes of persons to whom you hold such feeling against.

Lotus yellow flowers
A good choice for highly spiritual and religious persons. Yellow lotus symbolize spiritual eloquence and enlightenment. This meaning can be traced back to as far as the Victorian era in the United Kingdom.

Yellow orchid

Yellow orchid represent companionship and well wishes. As such they can fit quite diverse occasions such as conveying quick recovery messages to ailing close friends or to convey good luck messages to persons anticipating or expecting job promotions and so on and so forth.

Yellow iris flowers
A very popular flower in wedding events. Yellow iris signify wisdom, hope as well as purity. They are perfectly ideal for bridal bouquets.

Yellow daffodil flowers
Yellow daffodils symbolize hope as well as healing in most cultural backgrounds. They are actually the symbol of the renowned American Cancer Association. As such they can be send to ailing acquaintances, family members or even spouses to give them hope that better days are coming for they will for sure get healed. The above meanings though widely accepted are not universal. As such yellow flowers can be interpreted to convey different meanings in different cultural backgrounds. It therefore follows that people must be very careful and avoid sending flowers without a clear understanding of what they might mean to their recipients. Here are some of the diverse meanings associable to different cultural backgrounds that you must know.

Yellow flowers in far Asian countries
Fortunately, yellow flowers in most Asian backgrounds generally convey positive messages. A good example would be in Japanese and Chinese cultural backgrounds. Yellow flower in china and japan symbolize royalty and sacredness respectively.

Yellow flowers meaning in France

Yellow flowers in most cultures in France signify jealousy. As such, you should be very cautious when sending these flowers in France otherwise your good intentions might be interpreted to mean something quite different.

Yellow flowers in central America
In Central America primarily convey sad messages. In Mexico for instance, yellow flowers signify death. They are usually used to decorate grave yards in a bid to honor the dead. You should therefore refrain from sending them to convey good messages for they might not be interpreted as such in this cultural background. The list goes on and on. Is short, consult or research carefully in order to ascertain the specific meaning of yellow flowers before you send them to avoid unnecessary misrepresentations.

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