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While taking good quality photographs of flowers might seem to be intimidating, it is not as difficult as we think. You do not have to be an expert photographer in order to capture excellent flower images. Whether you desire to show off the elegance of a rose in your yard or shoot photographs of flowers while on a journey, here are some of the best tips to help you in your endeavor:

1. Picture flowers on an overcast day

Okay, not every day is sunny with blue sky over the head. That's fine since the white sky days are ideal for photographing flowers. The soft and even light of an overcast day helps to bring out the delicacy of a flower and there are no shadows or bright areas, making it much easier for you to get a good exposure.

2. Level with the flowers
In order to get distinct and lovely pictures of flowers, move around. Get down on your knees and shoot while at the same level with the flower. Don’t just stand and shoot it.

3. Do not take flower photos in direct sunshine
Flowers look good in direct sunlight with the naked eye. However, when filming them, camera lenses find it difficult to cope with the increased contrast. If you are going to take flower images in sunshine, use a polarising filter to boost the colors and reduce the glare.

4. Do not overlook the dead or dying flower

In some cases, carcasses of flowers can provide you with remarkable subject matter. While the ideal flower is the one you'll most likely be drawn to first, sometimes the more intriguing shot is the 'ugly duckling' close to it.

5. Identify the focal point and have a sharp docu
sAs with all kinds of photography, you have to consider where you want your audience’s eye to be drawn. Sharp focus is very important in all kinds of photography; however, in flower photography it is highly crucial to have one as a small adjustment can have enormous ramifications due to the depth of field being so small. In flower photography, the depth of field is a game of few millimeters, so sharp focusing is something to be worked upon.
Determine the point that you wish to be in focus and then strive to make sure that it has maximum sharpness. This can often be challenging, especially when shooting outdoors on breezy days where you'll have to rely on luck to some extent! However, you can improve your luck by choosing a still day for your photography.

6. Go abstract
In some cases, getting additionally close and focusing in on a specific part of the flower gets you remarkable and uncommon images that are abstract in nature. Look for contrasting colors, textures and patterns.

7. Backlight will make your flowers radiant
Backlight is another kind of light that is excellent for photographing flowers. You can get the best backlight when the sun is straight in front of you providing light from behind the flower. Due to the translucent nature of the flower petals, backlight makes them glow.

8. Watch out for the wind
Wind is always your enemy, when it comes to photographing flowers. The most convenient way to avoid facing the wind is to do your photography early in the morning when it is not likely that the wind will be blowing. If there is a little bit of wind, you can use your reflector or a piece of cardboard to create a block.

9. Utilize a reflector
If your flower is in the shade, you can make use of a reflector to bounce some light back in the direction of the flower and make it more dynamic.

10. Avoid having a messy background
As with any other kind of photography, the background can make a lot of difference. Try to alter your position so that there is no distracting thing behind the flower. A potentially spectacular flower image can be destroyed by something as simple as human nature: an unstable hand. Even if you believe your hand is stable, you might be shocked to know that it does move.

In order to avoid the problem of a shaky hand, try using a tripod (you can even get a small tripod if you do not wish to carry around a big one).Look for unique ways to shoot the flower. You can consider having the flower framed with something natural, such as dangling vines. You can likewise capture flowers with insects crawling on them to make for an interesting image.

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