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We all know that a city is basically a large town, but what is the actual distinction between the two? Many countries make none at all. In the German language for example, there is just one word – Stadt. Historically, at least in England and Wales, a town with a diocesan cathedral is deemed a city. This rule was established in the 1540s when King Henry VIII founded dioceses, a diocese being a district under the pastoral care of a bishop in the Christian Church. There is also the question of how towns and cities became established. Did nomadic hunter-gatherers begin to create settlements with the advent of the Neolithic Revolution and the transition to farming? Or even before this, did the birth of bartering bring people into closer proximity with goods being traded and jobs created. These opposing theories are of little concern to most of us. Of far more concern is today’s view of city life. Some people love it with all it has to offer in terms of culture and entertainment, others put up with it because of their professions, others escape it every evening and at weekends by commuting.

And there are those who have an absolute passion to photograph cityscapes. Cities offer superb subjects for architectural, street and night photography. It is far more than merely concrete, steel and glass, or a skyline at sunset. There is a wealth of subjects to be found amid the structures and textures of a city with the chance of unique shots if you get the light right. And of course taking shots of city people is an art in itself. But take care not to invade privacy and always get permission before taking a photograph in which people can be recognized. If you’re a night owl, night-time photography will offer you a host of opportunities to capture truly dramatic pictures. One thing which is often overlooked in cityscape photography – black and white shots can produce some stunning images, especially at night.

New York

Venetian Hotel
Luxor Hotel by night
Las Vegas, Nevada
Los Angeles, skyscrapers
Downtown Los Angeles
Lombard street
China Town
Paris, France
Arc de Triomphe
Paris, Notre Dame
Eiffel Tower, Paris, night
Paris by night, Moulin Rouge
Capital City of France
La Defense
Vatican, Rome, Italy
Forum Romanum, Rome, Italy
Rome, Colosseum, Italy
Rome by night, Colosseum
Rome, Italy
Leaning Tower of Pisa
Pisa, Italy
Venice Italy
Hofburg, Vienna, Austria
Rathaus, Vienna
Ferries Wheel, Vienna, Austria
Vienna, Mozart Monument
Vienna, UNO
graz photos
Graz, Austria
Germany, Munich
old town
Marienplatz, Munich
Neues Rathaus, Munich, Germany
canal, ships
city, water
Bern, Capital of Switzerland
Kolinplatz, Zug, Switzerland
Limmat river
General Guisan Quai
from Uetliberg
Switzerland, tourist destination
Musegg wall, Reuss
Lake Geneva
Switzerland city