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Elephant are some of the most beloved and recognizable creatures around today. They’re very social creatures that are distinguished by their complex social structure, intriguing behavior and high level of intelligence.
Only two species of elephants still exist – the Asian and the African. You can find elephants in a range of colors, from dark grays to light. Their most prominent features are their gigantic tusks and ears. Unfortunately for the elephants, these tusks have brought them a lot of misery. Thousands of elephants have died because they’ve been hunted by humans looking to profit from selling ivory products. Despite how it’s been made illegal to sell or trade ivory, it’s continued to be a hugely profitable market that’s been rife across recent years.
An elephant’s the biggest land animal you’ll find across the planet. They’re also famous for their intelligence, which is particularly impressive. Their memory is also incredible and they’ll easily remember routes that they’ve never come across for years. Elephants are typically gentle animals, but you’ve got to remember that they’ll attack if they’re feeling that their in danger. And they’ll be particularly protective over their offspring, which is a natural defense that’s common in many animals.

When the circumstances are right, an elephant’s able to live across many decades. They live in herds and they’re now understood to form powerful emotional bonds between each other. The majority of the herd will get along well with each other, and they’ll show signs of distress if one of their herd’s died or been hurt. The standard herd’s comprised of around 20 elephants.
Elephants are more vocal than most animals, producing a huge range of high-pitched trumpeting, screams and squeals. The majority of their communication’s at a frequency that’s too low for a human to be able to hear.
The survival of elephants is currently in danger, seeing as their natural habitat’s being destroyed. Many are currently living in a zoo or are part of a circus act. Because of how elephants are such gentle natured and smart creatures, they’re commonly found to help out with putting circus’ tents up. In some countries they’re also used to assist in carrying heavy items and logs.
When an elephant’s been living in a good environment, they’re able to live for around 60 years. Old elephants die frequently due to their teeth being grinded away across so many years, meaning that they end up starving to death as they’re completely unable to chew food.
An elephant’s able to live almost anywhere that’s got the appropriate amount of both water and food. Take a look at some elephant pictures at you’ll quickly notice that they’re usually somewhere that’s got plenty of browse and grass.
It’s not exactly unknown that elephants are some of the most interesting and amazing creatures on the planet. However, if we’d like to keep them here then something’s got to be done about their diminishing numbers. Although there’s a number of conservation efforts being carried out, they’ve got to grow in popularity to ensure that the elephants have a solid future.

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