Pictures of Clouds In the Sky

Pictures of clouds in the sky  tell people  and have used clouds to predict the weather for centuries now. However, before the advent of modern tech, people often misinterpreted the clouds, leading to inaccurate weather forecasts. The reason for this was the fact that they could manage only a glimpse of the cloud(s) and had to make their prediction based on it. Thankfully, this is no longer an issue. Today, individuals can take a snap of the clouds to perform a thorough analysis later on. Every cloud picture tells its own unique story. Let’s take a look at some of them to find out the story they tell.

cirrus clouds
The picture above is of Cirrus Clouds. These clouds are high and wispy. If Cirrus Clouds are scattered, they indicate fair weather. However, if they cover the entire sky, it usually means rain is on the way.

altocumulus cloud
This cloud picture is of Altocumulus clouds. These clouds resemble white and gray puffy cotton and are mid-level clouds. Afternoon rain is on the way if you witness Altocumulus clouds on warm and humid morning.

The above picture is of Cumulus clouds. Cumulus clouds generally appear during fair weather and are puffy, large, and white in nature. These clouds share a close resemblance to a cauliflower head. At times, cumulus clouds form vertically, known as cumulus congestus in this state. On hot days, these clouds bring along thunder and sometimes even rain.

The above picture is of Cirrocumulus clouds. Formed completely from ice crystals, these clouds are very rare and typically point towards a rainfall or snowfall prediction. This cloud picture shows you three layers of cloud and stratus clouds in the background
Often known as thunderheads, Cumulonimbus clouds are characterized by a dense and large tower that forms at an altitude of 30,000 feet or more. Formation of Cumulonimbus clouds in the sky indicates a thunderstorm. Ice crystals are present in these clouds and they form as a group with separate tops and merged bases. Cumulonimbus clouds are one of the most dangerous clouds as they can cause rain, hail, lightening, tornadoes, and wind.

stratus clouds
The above picture is of stratus clouds. Stratus clouds create overcast condition as low, gray clouds that across large portions of the sky. Stratus clouds are also capable of causing snow, mist, rain, and cold weather.
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