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Texture 2
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Texture can refer to the properties held and sensations caused by the external surface of objects and received through the sense of touch. It can also refer to the character or appearance of a surface, substance or a textile fabric. For example: the texture of the skin, smooth or wrinkled; the texture of an avocado pear, bumpy and knobbly; the texture of tree bark, some quite smooth, others very rough. The nature or appearance of a textile fabric is determined by its weave and thickness of the thread used in its production. For example: coarse sackcloth or smooth silk. Textures and tones are also predominant in art, particularly in painting: the textural surface of an oil painting produced with a palette knife is totally different to that of a watercolour painting. The word texture is also sometimes used to describe the feel of non-tactile sensations, such as the qualities of the various elements which make up the composition of a piece of music or a poem.
Photographers use texture as a way of drawing the viewer in to the picture, or to get their attention. In some photographs texture is the whole image, so the photographer uses a macro setting to reveal in detail the surface patterning of, say, wood grain or woven cloth. In other photographs the texture element may just be a smaller part of the whole image, for example in a landscape shot where there is an interesting mass of interwoven tree roots in the foreground. In both these examples you could think of texture as another element of the image in the same way that colour is.

Key things to look for if you want to create interesting texture photographs are repeating patterns, curves, colour and contrasting tones. Often light coming from one side will show up the texture best. In most cases the camera’s built-in flash will not help improve the image because it will wash out the colours and make the image look harsh. Professional photographers use an external flash which can bounce the light indirectly onto the subject; this can soften the effect and make interesting shadows.

Shooting a picture

Unless you are just shooting a picture of the texture itself, it is important that you think about the relationship between the texture element that you intend to draw the viewer in, and the meaning of the photograph as a whole. The eye-attracting texture should add interest to the scene, not dominate the image too much.

texture-009.jpg (2210042 Byte) wall moss, picture
texture, stone wall background, picture
wall background, picture
texture-014.jpg (1833774 Byte) bark of a tree, picture
texture-05.jpg (1198309 Byte) apple
texture-06.jpg (1326780 Byte) texture image
texture-07.jpg (1845820 Byte) brick wall photo
texture-08.jpg (1945414 Byte) tree picture background wallpaper
texture-09.jpg (1659122 Byte) background large photo
texture-qm5r.jpg (2013316 Byte) background, wall, photo
texture-k89ui.jpg (2321089 Byte) background wall picture
texture-h6rd3.jpg (1543769 Byte) background picture
texture-hz6t5.jpg (2164444 Byte) background images
texture-k8bzer.jpg (1614514 Byte) wood wall
texture-k878.jpg (1818727 Byte) pic background
texture-v6z3.jpg (1744976 Byte) blue
background wall
texture-ao5b.jpg (2365030 Byte) wall
pictures of texture
texture-ls3n.jpg (2195168 Byte) door
texture-i3m8.jpg (1916202 Byte) leather picture large
texture-xp2i.jpg (1599515 Byte)
texture-7c3a.jpg (1970090 Byte) brick wall
texture-n6a0.jpg (1600035 Byte)
texture-m3r.jpg (1891502 Byte) clothes
texture-p3z.jpg (1883340 Byte) front loudspeaaker
texture-x64m.jpg (1686597 Byte)
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texture-wall-9g5.jpg (1794716 Byte)
texture-j6n4.jpg (1526035 Byte)
texture-ol4h.jpg (1615279 Byte)
texture-0xm3.jpg (1794498 Byte)
texture-2na8.jpg (1806109 Byte)
texture-4rs0.jpg (2180443 Byte)
texture-d6n8.jpg (1942263 Byte)
texture-j8e0.jpg (1473187 Byte)
texture-l9m5.jpg (1814957 Byte)
texture-o3l1.jpg (1702708 Byte)
texture-p56a.jpg (1998763 Byte)
texture-a6qb.jpg (2441205 Byte)
texture-b7jy.jpg (1514458 Byte)
sponge-t7ev.jpg (1685707 Byte)
texture-b6xl.jpg (1945918 Byte)
texture-yk2m.jpg (1649959 Byte)
texture-i8u7.jpg (1790011 Byte)
free texture pictures
pattern photo
wood background
loudspeaker pattern
texture large photos
background photo
background photos
free background
background nature
paint rust
wall texture
stone background
wood background
blue texture
white lines
table surface
wood pattern
background free
pink texture
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wooden shingles
yellow wood texture
pattern photo
marking for blind