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When most people think about cats, they think specifically about the domesticated house cats that are kept as pets in many homes around the world. House cats make great pets because of their companionship and independent nature that causes them to be easy to take care of. While this is a very common type of cat, there are vast numbers of other cats living worldwide as domesticated as well as wild animals. Cats are not limited to just those we see on a regular basis. The word itself can refer to such diverse species as tigers, cougars, lions, leopards, and lots of others. Although there is such a variety in the types of cats in the world, all of them share a few common traits.
If you look at cat pictures, you can see that every type of cat, be it a house cat, and ocelot, or even a leopard, has a similar body structure and features. Each variety of cat in the world has four legs, a naturally skinny and flexible body, fur, and retractable claws. A slim body helps them to be capable of going almost anywhere in their environments. With most species it’s possible for them to fit their bodies through any space that the head is able to fit through. The legs are muscular, able to pull them up and over many obstacles such as tree branches.

Fur on each species varies depending on the area it is native to with those in colder climates having thicker fur and those in warmer climates having thinner, tougher fur. They are perfectly designed for hunting, another thing that all cats have in common. Hunting is necessary because they need a higher amount of protein in their diet in order to survive, making meat the only available food option for good health throughout their lives. There is no such thing as a vegetarian cat, every single variety of cat is a carnivore. Retractable claws and sharp teeth are useful while hunting, giving the cat all the weapons it needs to take on all sorts of prey without worry.

As far as senses, there is evidence that cats have incredible senses of smell, sight, and hearing. Although their eyesight is very strong, they have less color sensory than some other animals and most humans. With vision that is closer to black and white, they are able to see each detail with a more clarity, especially in the darkness. For this reason, cats are largely nocturnal and prefer to do their hunting during the night when other creatures are at a disadvantage to them. They can seek out and find prey easily at this time, using their increased senses to the fullest potential. Since they are naturally awake during the night, many cats will sleep on and off throughout the daytime to make up for the nocturnal activity. The commonly used expression “taking a cat nap” was based on this, as you will see all sorts of cats lounging and napping for short periods of time during the day and night.

Nearly every continent and country in the world has a native species of cat. Some of the exceptions are island countries, such as Australia, Cuba, and Greenland. Even in these areas, you can find some domesticated breeds of cats where people live. Because of their skills at hunting and killing small vermin around houses and farms, cats are invaluable pets in many regions around the world to such an extent that different species have spread to almost every place that humans live today.
The wild breeds of cats exist in a lot of variety all over the globe, with each type being distinctive in some way from others in separate geography. Distinctive markings on the fur of each cat is one way to notice the way they have adapted to different areas of the world, with those in snowy areas boasting beautiful white fur, those in the prairies having golden brown fur, and those in jungle areas having dark fur in a variety of color schemes. Most of these fur patterns have spots that help the predators to blend into their environments seamlessly.

In most of our minds, cats represent power, reservation, and confidence. When taking cat pictures, it’s important to capture them in their natural state and habitats in order to get the full effect of the personality traits shown by the animals. The best cat pictures show each animals doing something natural to it without effecting it by the presence of the cameraman, rather than invading the cat’s space and influencing its actions. Take a peek at the images here to see some high quality cat pictures you can use for your websites!

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