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There are selective tracks that are considered as the best one for the F1 racing and Monza is one of the, Formula 1 Racing – Monza is a perfect blend of skill, track in which a racer can literally put his heart and soul to win the competition. It is one of those finest races tracks that has been made where you can enjoy the game in a better manner. However, it not only offers the good things but you can also watch out some worst accidents of sports that may happen here. There have been many stories that were associated with the Monza track incident where the drivers and even the good engines faced the damages.

What makes Monza so popular?
Time has evolved from 1922 till now but the popularity of Monza is still the same. Have you ever though on it? Monza has good and bad secrets within it. Right from some of the incredible moments that made a history till the crashes and victories, there are so many things to list down about this place. You can call it a magical land for the calendar of Formula one racer. Few make their destinies while few meet their destiny. This place has certainly offered the viewers and the races a better sport circuit. This place is also known as Pista Magica which is described as a magical track by the Italians.

Know the Making of Monza
It is one of those tracks where people from all over the world prefer to enjoy and watch the formula one racing with their friends. It gained its popularity in the year 1950 when the formula one racing visit this circuit and ever since then this track has been in demand. The work for Monza was started in the year 1922 and it took around 6 months for the task to get accomplished. The design of the circuit was made with careful consideration keep the road racing concept in mind. Around 10 kilometers to this total track length, people book the calendars to visit out this track.
People literally wait for their dream to come true to watch formula one at this tack. Reaching that place should not be a problem as public transport is available at frequent timings. The event every time is a grand success. Certainly the team till now has managed to make it work. Just get a 24 hour travel pass to Milan and then reaching tabacchi is not a problem for you. To make sure you get the best seats, try to book the tickets well in advance so that you can enjoy the sports. If you have been a part of different formula one racing venues, then you will surely not be disappointed to check this one and feel that your visit was a worth one. So grab your bag and plan up your next trip to enjoy formula one racing with your friends at a great deal. Don’t forget to click some wonderful snaps out here.

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