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Precipitation, which is a general term for rain, sleet, snow and hail, is a major factor in the earth’s water cycle. Precipitation comes from clouds, which are a mass of tiny water droplets or ice crystals, or both, suspended in the atmosphere. If a cloud saturated with water vapour cools down to its dew point (when water vapour turns from an air mass into a liquid or solid state) this water vapour eventually returns to earth in the form of precipitation. Clouds as you can see in these pictures reflect all visible wavelengths of light equally and thus are white, but they can appear grey or even black if they are so thick or dense that sunlight cannot pass through.
There are various cloud classifications but meteorologists generally use an internationally agreed form based on cloud appearance and height. This uses 10 principles:
Cirrus cirrostratus and cirrocumulus are high clouds, normally above 5000 metres.
Altocumulus and altostratus are medium-high clouds at about 2000 – 5000 metres.
Stratus, stratocumulus and nimbostratus are clouds at levels below 2000 metres.
There are also clouds which form vertically and so cannot be classified by height; these are generally known as cumulus and cumulonimbus clouds.


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cloud01.jpg (1320542 Byte) picture cloud photo
cloud02.jpg (1499263 Byte) cloud photo pictures
cloud03.jpg (1645356 Byte) clouds photo picture
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cloud-05.jpg (1343384 Byte) clouds, sw USA, picture
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cloud-08.jpg (1137693 Byte) clouds picture
cloud-09.jpg (1213175 Byte) cloud picture
cloud-10.jpg (1102675 Byte) white cloud pic
cloud-11.jpg (1374936 Byte) pic cloud
cloud-12.jpg (1329031 Byte) image cloud
cloud-13.jpg (1178136 Byte) photo cloud
cloud-14.jpg (1099774 Byte) picture cloud
cloud-15.jpg (1177658 Byte) cloud picture
cloud-16.jpg (1035721 Byte) cloud image
clouds-b6zw.jpg (1451409 Byte) mountains clouds picture
clouds-y0o2.jpg (1360198 Byte) vapour trail photo
clouds-city-5t1.jpg (1359226 Byte)
clouds-9ay3.jpg (1598712 Byte)
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rainbow-sl3.jpg (1365109 Byte)
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rainbow-g5y.jpg (1457778 Byte)
cloud-xa8a.jpg (1322476 Byte)
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cloud-8cm4.jpg (1318883 Byte)
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clouds-1q7.jpg (1248396 Byte) photo cloud
clouds-1qm.jpg (1366814 Byte) cloud sky picture
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cloud-e4y0.jpg (1134017 Byte) sky blue clouds
clouds-1yp0.jpg (1068200 Byte) grey cloud
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clouds-6r4c.jpg (1654668 Byte) picture white cloud
clouds-6xo1.jpg (1111707 Byte) picture cloud
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clouds-c7ql.jpg (1030364 Byte)
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clouds-h01q.jpg (1343238 Byte) image of clouds
clouds-u5d0.jpg (1470754 Byte) grey cloud
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clouds-jwn6.jpg (1121413 Byte) white cloud sky
clouds-l3sk.jpg (1193646 Byte) large picture cloud
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clouds-3sly.jpg (1336583 Byte)
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clouds-fx3w.jpg (1278236 Byte)
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clouds-2lq7.jpg (1322013 Byte)
clouds-4x3l.jpg (1215611 Byte)
clouds-6e8w.jpg (1150218 Byte)
clouds-76zt.jpg (1057327 Byte)
clouds-92w3.jpg (1383476 Byte) image of cloud
clouds-b65n.jpg (1139786 Byte)
clouds-bx61.jpg (1188754 Byte)
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clouds-mu4u.jpg (1262628 Byte)
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clouds-uqpw.jpg (1161283 Byte) white cloud
clouds-x2y2.jpg (915137 Byte)
cloud-6ga7.jpg (1328279 Byte) cirrus
clouds-1qo.jpg (1065019 Byte)
clouds-l6v8.jpg (1086100 Byte)
clouds-n7t5.jpg (1357603 Byte)
clouds-v5t5.jpg (1086344 Byte)
cloud-b5ez.jpg (1265647 Byte)
cloud-rain-j2z.jpg (1367849 Byte)
clouds-u76t.jpg (1024092 Byte)
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clouds-zrw9.jpg (1121833 Byte)