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In project architecture and civil engineering, construction is the building or assembly of any infrastructure. Although this may be thought of as a single activity, in fact construction is a feat of multitasking. Normally the job is managed by the construction manager, supervised by the project manager, design engineer or project architect.
For the successful execution of a project effective planning is often essential. Those involved with the design and execution of the infrastructure in question must consider the environmental impact of the job, the successful scheduling, budgeting, site safety, inconvenience to the public caused by construction delays, preparing tender documents, etc.

Initial planning is of course just one very important aspect. Depending on the project, at least 20 different trades will be involved once construction begins. All these trades have to be coordinated and the sequence of work laid down in a construction programme. The trades involved are all dependent on one another to stick to the schedule. It only needs one to fall out of line and the chain reaction can have enormous consequences on the finishing date.


Danger is ever present

Danger is ever present on a building site. For example: cranes lifting loads overhead, heavy machines crossing the site, scaffolding to be erected and temporary electrical supplies with cables causing a tripping hazard, let alone all the tools which require careful handling. Even something as simple as a nail standing up from a discarded piece of wood can cause serious injury if trodden on in unsuitable shoes. At one time, beer was the favoured thirst quencher on site but luckily those days are long past. These days far more attention is paid to safety, not only by the construction companies themselves, but also by safety authorities and awareness training given by independent bodies. Accidents still happen however and construction remains one of the most dangerous of all occupations.

construction-01.jpg (1613429 Byte) picture
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construction-2s7z.jpg (1587536 Byte) highway tunnel near Mettmenstetten.
construction-7ay2.jpg (1645899 Byte) highway Mettmenstetten. Switzerland
construction-hn7s.jpg (1628891 Byte) highway Mettmenstetten
construction-5t7s.jpg (1486079 Byte) truck road construction
construction-09.jpg (1473226 Byte) large photo construction
construction-10.jpg (1397092 Byte) big photo construction
scaffolding house photo
construction-t0wj.jpg (1609146 Byte) demolition picture
construction-y59l.jpg (1538721 Byte) building house picture
construction-3er2.jpg (1695918 Byte)
construction-7zu2.jpg (1447253 Byte)
construction-i3xd.jpg (1724136 Byte)
construction-4xi.jpg (1404675 Byte)
construction-am5.jpg (1349850 Byte)
construction-7so.jpg (1489566 Byte)
construction-3j4.jpg (1487427 Byte)
house building photo
stock photo construction
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construction-5a0e.jpg (1466630 Byte) trucks picture
construction-5xw0.jpg (1690769 Byte)
construction-6fh4.jpg (1741821 Byte)
construction-8vm5.jpg (1615862 Byte)
construction-9q0m.jpg (1691516 Byte) highway construction
construction-84rj.jpg (1490924 Byte)
construction-ay2j.jpg (1541902 Byte)
construction-g4ao.jpg (1638691 Byte)
construction-glt6.jpg (1603418 Byte)
construction-j7h9.jpg (1761846 Byte)
construction-kd7b.jpg (1474690 Byte)
construction-o0p4.jpg (1481024 Byte)
construction-a9y3.jpg (1653198 Byte)
construction-sx3a.jpg (1618009 Byte) excavator picture
construction-r0o1.jpg (1658995 Byte)
construction-b7ap.jpg (1609970 Byte) pictures of house building
construction-y0m2.jpg (1658801 Byte) photos of house building
construction-q91y.jpg (1734561 Byte) house photo
construction-1p2a.jpg (1175510 Byte) crane picture
construction-fld7.jpg (1629688 Byte)
construction-k8i2.jpg (1599693 Byte) photo excavator
construction-j5w.jpg (1510895 Byte)
construction-7df3.jpg (1637799 Byte)
construction-o6r.jpg (1712497 Byte)
construction-4l8e.jpg (1243629 Byte) truck
construction-h6ua.jpg (1250219 Byte) pneumatic hammer
construction-imj7.jpg (1592581 Byte) excavator
construction-k9fr.jpg (1231943 Byte) demolition work
construction-l9oi.jpg (1497698 Byte)
construction-zd3h.jpg (1310539 Byte)
construction-ob3y.jpg (1745216 Byte)
construction-w7xq.jpg (1967488 Byte) machinery
highway construction
road-construction-nu3.jpg (1708087 Byte) highway
picture machine
road roller
cranes sky
men at work
new houses
house construction
men at work
house building
photo construction road