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In botany, a fruit is the ripened ovary, together with its seeds, of a flowering plant. In cuisine, when discussing fruit as food, the term usually refers to just those plant fruits that are sweet and fleshy, examples of which would be plum, apple, and orange. However, a great many common vegetables, as well as nuts and grains, are the fruit of the plants they come from. Fruits that might not be considered such in a culinary context include gourds (e.g. squash and pumpkin), maize, tomatoes, and green peppers. These are fruits to a botanist, but are generally treated as vegetables in cooking. Some spices, such as allspice and nutmeg, are fruits. Rarely, culinary “fruits” are not fruits in the botanical sense, such as rhubarb in which only the astringent stalk, or petiole, is edible. . Citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, grapefruit and limes grow in Brazil, China, Mexico and Spain among other countries and are a well-known source of vitamin C – a daily ration of limes given to British sailors on long voyages famously prevented the onset of scurvy. One of the most popular and widely consumed imported tropical fruits is the banana, originating in Malaysia, and now grown in tropical climates around the globe. India is currently the world’s leading banana producer. Export bananas are picked while still green and placed in special ripening rooms with a controlled temperature – the starch contained in the fruit converts into sugar and contributes to the sweet taste of a ripe banana. Bananas are a nutritious and energy-dense snack. Other tropical fruits widely imported for consumption in temperate climates are pineapples, pomegranates, melons, mangos, passion fruit, avocados and kiwifruit.

The Magical Healing And Revitalizing Power Of Fruits

Aside from their pleasant taste, fruits also possess several healing powers. Some of their uses are not known until we fall sick and doctors recommend that we eat them. However, it is important to have all the information on all the fruits we should consume on daily basis so we don’t have to necessarily wait for a doctor’s recommendation.


Apples contain Vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant for blocking free radicals and boosting the body immune system against disease. It also contains vitamin B-complex which is responsible for maintaining red blood cells. Apple fruit is very rich in fiber which helps in proper bowel movement as well as preventing the increase in bad cholesteroll in the blood. Other nutrients found in apple fruit include phytonutrients and minerals.

Citrus fruits

There are several fruits under the citrus category, and they range from sweet to sour. They include oranges, limes, lemons, tangerines, and grapefruits. Most citrus fruits have high vitamin C content than other fruit types. They possess potent antioxidants which help to combat diseases, and they are also a good source of energy and fiber.
Research has also shown that citrus fruits help to lower the risk of having a stroke due to the antioxidants (flavonoids) in these fruits. These flavonoids could also stem the growth of cancer cells. They further help to improve blood circulation within the body. This explains the reason why doctors recommend taking citrus fruits when you are sick. Do you know that a cup of fresh orange could supply about 160% of your daily vitamin C needs?

Fruit pictures


Strawberries are one of the fruits we could recommend for those having heart-related issues. Most dark-colored fruits have a significant advantage for the cardiovascular health of which the berries is one.
Your blood pressure can be lowered by merely taking strawberries. To get the most out of berries, we recommend that you consume at least eight pieces of strawberries fruit per day. With this, you would get as much as 160% of the recommended daily allowance for vitamin C. A diet spiced with strawberries helps to reduce your risks of having various types of cancer such as cervical as well as breasts, and stomach.


Pineapple fruit is an excellent source of bromelain which is an enzyme associated with the removal and denaturing of cancer cells. The pineapple is also a good source of vitamin C, which helps to boost your body’s immune system and protect it from free radicals damage.
Its high vitamin C content improves oral health as recent studies show its effectiveness in minimizing the risks of contracting gingivitis and periodontal disease.


Kiwifruit is a fruit to consider consuming each day because it contains fiber, vitamin C, and potassium in high quantity. This fruit has several nutrients which all work together to make it a super fruit. The vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients all combine to protect your body from heart issues, cancer, respiratory ailments, and stroke.
Furthermore, the kiwifruit is well-known for its blood-thinning properties, which helps to improve heart health and regulate blood pressure and cholesterol level. We recommend that you take the riper varieties as they contain more antioxidant components. The more antioxidants you have in your fruits, the higher the health benefits you would derive.


Cranberry is another fruit which offers excellent health benefits to your body. It is another example of a dark colored fruit which is known to benefit our cardiovascular health. It contains flavonoids and phenolic acids which help to boost your immune system by fighting free radicals.
These fruits have cancer-fighting properties, which are believed to help limit the spread of oral as well as prostate, and colon cancer cells. Other research has also highlighted its likelihood of helping to build resistance against microorganisms which could lead to bacterial and fungal infections.


This fruit helps in skin regeneration and protects it against aging. When you eat pomegranate fruit on a regular basis, it does not only protect your body from bruising but also facilitates the rapid healing of wounds.
For those who live in temperate or exposed to much sun, this fruit may come handy to help protect your skin from sunburn and sun damage. Dermatologists often recommend daily consumption of pomegranate fruits for those suffering from an aging, fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and all other skin conditions caused by damaging UV rays.


The pawpaw fruit contains a high amount of digestive enzyme that helps people suffering from indigestion. So, if you have heartburn or stomach discomfort, one fruit we would recommend is the pawpaw fruit.
It also improves skin health and helps with the timely healing of burns and wounds. Pawpaw is excellent to consume daily for those with skin-related issues such as psoriasis, ringworms, or cold sores.


You don’t need to spend so much to maintain a healthy body. All you need to do is to ensure that all these nutritious fruits are included in your diet. Always keep in touch with our website for more information on fruits.

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