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High Resolution Hippo pictures

The hippopotamus is the largest type of mammal and has a physical appearance resembling that of a pig, despite the fact that it is actually a close relative of dolphins and porpoises and whales. The hippo is easily recognizable by its wide, barrel-shaped nose and wide mouth that hold large, canine tusks that extend out and upwards from the face. The animal is also hairless, has a barrel-like trunk and stocky legs. Despite its appearance, the hippopotamus is very fast and can easily outrun a human. The hippopotamus is a semi-aquatic creature which means that it inhabits rivers, lakes and swamps and remain cool by rolling in the mud. Childbirth also occurs in the water. Hippopotamuses also sleep in the water and rise only to breathe. This is an activity that the animal can do even without waking. Hippos graze inland although they are not territorial when out of the water.


The hippopotamus is commonly found in North Africa and Europe, although today they are more commonly found in herds in the African savannah and forested areas. Hippos are commonly found in groups but there is no great evidence of a complicated social structure or the presence of social bonds, except, perhaps, between mothers and young. Perhaps the most basic social group is composed of a bull and up to 10 females occupying a short stretch of river. Hippos are herbivores, with their diet consisting mostly of grass. They usually travel miles inland in order to graze, an activity that takes up to 5 hours before they go back to the water again.

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