A premier gateway into the United States, New York City is one of the most noteworthy urban agglomerations in the world. As a global power city, the metropolitan area exerts a great impact upon art, commerce, media, technology, entertainment, and education. The United Nations is headquartered there, and it also acts as the cultural and financial capital of the world.

Home to one of the world’s largest harbors, the city consists of five boroughs: Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens, and Bronx. It is these five boroughs that were consolidated into a single city in 1898. The cornucopia has a population of an estimated 8.5 million and stretches over an area of exactly 305 square miles. There are about 800 languages spoken in this world-renowned conurbation, making it the most linguistically diverse city in the globe.
It is the colonists of the Dutch Republic that founded the city as a trading post in 1626. Serving as the nation’s capital from 1785 to 1790, it has been the largest city in the US 1790. The Statue of Liberty is found in this city and it welcomed millions of immigrants as they trooped into the country. The statue, with Emmy Lazarus’ New Colossus poem as its salutatory note, is considered to be a key symbol of the leading world superpower and its democracy.

Having numerous districts and scenic landmarks, the city received 56 million sightseers in 2014 alone, with many top-ranked world famous tourist attractions. Several studies have repeatedly rated New York City as the most photographed metropolis in the world. Notably, the iconic Times Square is found in New York City which is a dazzlingly illuminated hub of the Broadway Theater District – with the busiest pedestrian intersections world over. All the major roads, bridges, towns, and skyscrapers are known world over. It has been severally recognized as the most economically powerful commercial hub in the world and it is home to the largest stock exchanges in the world, going by the total market capitalization.
Manhattan’s (one of New York City’s five boroughs) real estate market is considered to be among the most expensive globally. Chinatown, also in New York City, has the highest concentration of Chinese people in the whole of the Western Hemisphere. The New York City Subway is among the most extensive metro systems globally and the global center comprises over 120 universities and colleges. It is no doubt one of the top 3 most influential cities on earth.

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